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winter is soon approaching and Christmas is near, a time for pain or a time to cheer ?


The challenges to be faced

Today was a hopeless fail: so to speak, I have recently discovered that i am lesbian, no one knows but me. And I though why not try coming out of the closet one foot at a time, so i started by telling my close friend but not best friend. There we were sat chatting, and i tried adding it in to the conversation in the most casual way possible, however this did not go at all how i expected. I told her the truth that i was interested in girls and not boys, but she just sat their and laughed, she did not laugh with mean intentions, she simply just believed i was joking, and no matter how hard i tried to tell her she just would not believe me, apparently she can tell i am straight. Well i hate to break it to her but i am not. And now when/if the time comes that i fully come out the closet i have an over bearing fear that no one will actually believe me, so maybe for now i stay in my warm, cozy  closet just until winter passes  (possible game of thrones reference there to any other fans of the show)